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Internationally acclaimed master fine art photographer Nicholas A. Price takes us on another of his unique photographic journeys, this time into his perspective of where all of the ideas of life as we know it began - in the Playground of the Gods, based in The Valley of Fire in the State of Nevada.

From the 2,500 photographs taken, this journey shows the natural sites and scenes never seen before in such a unique place as this and through the lens and humor of the artist.

The exhibition of 30-40 traditionally hand printed photographs has been created not only in Price's trademark black and white film but we are also treated to the beautiful sky and landscapes in Kodachrome color.
Playground of The Gods - The Valley of Fire by Nicholas Price

The Foundation of Mankind
The Baby
The Fish and The Crocodile
The Eagle
The Pain of Evolving
Man In The Moon
Sleeping Giants
The Gorilla
Watching and Forever Waiting
Framing The Face of Man and Beast
Hewn from The Earth
The Struggle Between Man and Beast
The Philosopher
The Politician
Eons Of Consideration
The Centurion
The Conversation
Letting Off Steam
Meeting Mammoths
The Crab
Peaceful Rest
Abandoned in The Clay
Three Angry Faces

The Exhibition
Taking you a little over 60 miles from the world's largest adult playground, within this place there is so much more.
The spiritual energy of the past and present in rocks untouched for eons and laid down 150 million years ago. In this mass of color, texture and character, there are faces and creatures that can tell a story or two. The tests of time have taken their toll on these fragile images, and you could take heed in this, the Playground of the Gods. Here those experiments were conducted prior to completing the finished articles. These forms of man, woman and beast, those bodily shapes tested here, larger than life - and all you saw was a mass of rock. Well, here I will show you a little more in the Playground of the Gods.

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" I found Nicholas Price's Playground of The Gods to be a truly unique and inspiring collection of photographs of one of Nevada's hidden treasures. As you know, Valley of Fire is often photograph but seldom so in such a breathtaking way"
-  David K. Morrow Chief Administrator,
Nevada State Parks
Playground of The Gods by Nicholas A. Price

The critically acclaimed Exhibition "Playground of The Gods" at the Origen Gallery  | Photo Credit:NPE Management

- "The images are simply breathtaking."-
"Landscape photography is often a little on the boring side, but Price's Playground offers a dramatic menagerie of men, animals and other forms of life - But the real sustenance of the gods is served up in the imagery of Price, with a series of Valley of Fire shots that, while plenty playful, poignantly emphasizes the divine strength of these ancient rocks. Indeed, gazing at these photos is a spiritual occurrence you don't often get in your average art gallery.
- JARRET KEENE, Art Critic,
Article: Godland - Photographer Nicholas Price Divines The Valley of Fire
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20/20: A Retrospective by Nicholas A. Price, 20 years photographing America
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